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Flying Through The Process

, , | Working | September 6, 2017

(As if Monday mornings aren’t bad enough, this particular Monday is worse than usual. My loud neighbours wake me at 1:30 am and 3 am, so I get up to use the loo and step in water from a broken pipe, two bulbs blow, and my internet goes off, all overnight. So, going to work at eight am that day, I feel pretty exhausted, and I decide to grab a large coffee on the way in. Just as the barista is pouring the large latte, a fly flies in literally as she is putting the cap on the cup. Worse, for a few seconds her hand still goes to put the cap on as I stare at her in horror. Finally, after five seconds of her trying to decide what to do, she looks at me and notices my expression.)

Her: “Um…. I’ll remake that if you like?”

Me: “Yes! PLEASE do so!”

(She did, and the second one came out delicious, but what a way to start a Monday morning!)

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