Fly For A Mile In Someone Else’s Shoes

| Friendly | October 26, 2016

(I’ve taken a 12-year-old boy I would look after sometimes to a local amusement park. This place has a bunch of rides, a water park area, and a pedal monorail thing that wraps around the front of the park. We plant ourselves in an area half under the monorail and some trees. The boy I’m looking after runs off to do his thing and I settle in to do some reading. About 10 minutes later something drops on my head and I notice it’s a shoe. I look up to see a rather panicky young teen girl yelling down to me from the monorail.)

Girl: “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry. Can you throw it back?”

Me: “My throwing skills suck. Listen, go the rest of the way and I’ll be waiting here for you.”

Girl: *really unsure* “Um, okay, I’ll be there soon.”

(I go back to my book while keeping an eye out for a one-shoed teen. About 10 minutes later I spot this young girl sprinting towards me.)

Me: “Here ya go.”

Girl: “Thank you so much. I was worried that you might run off with it.”

Me: “No worries there, hun. My size 10 feet have no use for a size 6 left shoe. Have fun the rest of the day.”

Girl: “I will. You, too!”

(The rest of the day went on with no other shoes falling from the sky and I moved to a new tree.)

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