The Flowers Would Have Died In That Toxic Environment Anyway

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(We have just had Mother’s Day, the busiest weekend of the year. We do not ever guarantee times of delivery; we just say it’ll be delivered before 5:00 pm.)

Customer: “I asked for it to be delivered before 1:00 pm. It’s nearly 2:00, and they haven’t been delivered. My mum has now gone home from work and won’t receive the flowers for her birthday. I want my money back. I am very angry.”

Me: “Hi, [Customer], we apologise for the delay. We usually deliver up until 5:00 pm and do not guarantee delivery times; however, as you’ve requested it, I’ll refund you in full and cancel the order. It may take five to seven business days for your bank to process this. We apologise for any dissatisfaction caused.”

Customer: *about 3:00 pm* “The flowers still have not been delivered. I never asked you to cancel the order! I am furious! I want to make a formal complaint. You have ruined the whole surprise. I never asked for them to be cancelled!”

Me: “Hi, [Customer], you asked for a refund and we provided one. When a refund is processed, we are then unable to deliver the flowers. I apologise for any dissatisfaction caused. Thank you.”

(Did she want the refund — which is out of policy but we did anyway — AND the flowers? Hell, no!)

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