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Flowering New Hall Passes

, , , , , | Learning | January 5, 2018

(We have a sub in the horticulture class and he finds out what we use as a pass.)

Me: “[Substitute Teacher], I need to use the bathroom.”

Substitute Teacher: “Okay. Where’s the hall pass?”

Class: *points to an orchid in a small vase*

Substitute Teacher: “That’s the hall pass?”

Me: “Yeah, the old hall pass got stolen or broken; we don’t really know. [Teacher] decided we would use the orchid as hall pass. Different class rooms use different items, though.”

Student #1: “Math uses a textbook, and social uses a rock.”

Substitute Teacher: “Okay, then.” *hands over the orchid* “Don’t drop the hall pass.” *goes to sit with confusion on his face*

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