Flouring Into Bad Parents

| CA, USA | Learning | May 4, 2015

(We are doing the flour-sack baby project in sex ed where you have to carry a flour sack wherever you go for a week as if it was a baby. If a teacher sees you without your baby, your baby is damaged, or if you lose your baby, points are lost. We are currently in Japanese class.)

Boy: “Oh s****! I think I left my baby in [Science Teacher]’s class! [Teacher], can I go and look for it?”

Teacher: “No, you may not. You will have to wait.”

(Two minutes later.)

Boy: “[Teacher], can I pleeeaase go and look for my baby?”

Teacher: “No.”

(It continues like this for about half of the class, when he finally gets a bright idea.)

Boy: “[Teacher], can I go to the bathroom?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

(The student leaves. Five seconds later the teacher reaches behind her desk and pulls out his baby.)


(When the boy came back from his ‘bathroom’ trip he saw his baby on his desk, turned red, and put his head on his desk in utter defeat.)

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