Floored By Flouride

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Romantic | December 7, 2012

(My boyfriend has always refused to use my toothbrush or allow me to use his. He always brings his own to my place, but this time he has forgotten. As he has been staying over for a few days, he has to, begrudgingly, borrow mine.)

Boyfriend: *putting toothpaste on my toothbrush* “This is gross. This is gross.”

Me: “You’re overreacting.”

Boyfriend: “Gross.”

(He hesitantly begins to brush his teeth. After a couple of seconds, he turns to look at me, his eyes wide.)

Boyfriend: *deadly serious* “This toothbrush is amazing. It’s amazing! It’s so thin! It actually gets in between the teeth instead of just hitting the gums! It’s amazing! Ooh, so soft!”

(He literally begins to drool.)

Me: “…I think you’re overreacting again.”

Boyfriend: “Oooh! Heaven…”

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