Flirting With Unemployment

| Working | June 4, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are regulars at this italian restaurant. One evening, we’re served by a new waitress.)

Waitress: “Hi there! Can I take your order?” *winks at my boyfriend*

My Boyfriend: “Yes, I would like to have the steak with mushrooms, and can you please leave out the cucumber salad?”

Waitress: “Sure! Anything else, sir?”

My Boyfriend: “Yes, she would like… eh, honey, what did you want again?”

Me: “I’ll have the fillet of beef, and—”

(The waitress writes my order down in a hurry, not even paying attention to me, and is about to leave while I still am ordering.)

Me: “—and make the meat well-done, please.”

(She mumbles something, and leaves, giving my boyfriend another seductive wink. When we get our food, my meat is barely medium rare, but I decide to let it slide. She comes back at least every five minutes to see if we need anything, still ignoring me and only looking at my boyfriend, and only refills his drinks. When the bill comes up, my boyfriend speaks up.)

My Boyfriend: “Please pass my compliments to the chef; my food was delicious! My girlfriend’s food, however, was not the way she told you to make it, because you ignored her the whole evening. And, as you can clearly see, I’m taken, so I’d be happy if you never serve us again.”

(She gives me a look as if all the troubles in the world were my fault, and leaves in a huff. Fortunately, we never saw her there again.)

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