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Flirting With Jerkitude

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I find [Coworker] irritating. Maybe it’s me not being a typical sales guy who loves himself too much and believes that he’s the sole reason the company is still alive.

Coworker: “Hey, can you send me [report]? ASAP.”

I’m pretty sure I did already.

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

Coworker: “I really do need it ASAP.”

Me: “Yep, I heard. I will have it over as soon as I do this.”

He gives me a funny look and then proceeds to chat with one of the women. I find the report (which I have already sent) and forward it to him.

He talks for even longer. I don’t wait around for him much longer; I grab a cup of coffee and stretch my legs. In the short time that I am away, I receive three emails — one from [Coworker], one from [Coworker] to my boss, and one from my boss — all complaining about reports not being available in time. I think about a polite, inoffensive response, but then again…

Me: “Hi. The report was sent two days ago (before anyone asked for it) and then again an hour ago when [Coworker] asked for it. I would have told [Coworker] at the time, but he was too busy flirting with one of the admin team.”

Apparently, [Coworker] complained about me to my boss, who told him to shut up and stop flirting with the staff. Next time, he can do the report himself it it’s such a problem.

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