Flights Of Fancy

| Related | February 9, 2016

(My grandma recently retired. She has a lot of travel rewards to claim and decides to take my family to Hawaii. As we are getting off the first of our three planes, we meet a couple also going to Hawaii on our same flights for their honeymoon. We’re on the third plane and most of our seats are separated due to last-minute seating changes, resulting in the awkward one seat in a three person row. Luckily, the other two seats in the row are occupied by our new couple friends. My nine-year-old sister is sitting next to them and is extremely tired after twelve hours of traveling, and ends up falling asleep on the wife’s shoulder. My mom sees this.)

Mom: “I’m so sorry about her.”

Newlywed Wife: “It’s fine! We want one just like her someday!”

Grandma: *laughs* “No, you don’t.”

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