Flat White Is Flat Rate

, , | Right | April 7, 2021

I work at a coffee shop where lattes come with one shot of coffee. A flat white comes with two shots. An extra shot is 50p. I don’t make the prices; I just work there.

Customer: “Can I have a flat white, but can you put it in a bigger cup with latte milk?”

Me: “Okay, so that would be a latte with an extra shot.”

Customer: *Rudely* “No, no, a flat white but in one of those bigger cups and with more milk.”

Me: *Slightly confused* “Okay, sir, that’s [price].”

Customer: “No! It’s a flat white! It should be [lower price]. I shouldn’t have to pay for an extra shot. [Totally Different Coffee Shop] has two shots in their lattes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. If you want a flat white, I can charge you for a flat white. If you want a latte with an extra shot, I have to charge you for a latte with an extra shot.”

Customer: “Fine, give me a flat white.”

I made it for him and he glared at me like I was the devil the whole time. I might have done it if he hadn’t been so rude about the whole thing.

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