Flagged Another Awesome Reaction

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(I’m a semi-open pansexual female. I don’t hide it, but people usually must ask, or we must be talking about our sexualities. Most times, people don’t believe it’s a real thing, or they just start acting strange around me. But on a few rare occasions, I get reactions like this one, which is still my favorite. My self-esteem is also low, so I don’t take compliments well, and will sometimes actually stutter out a “thank you.”  I just recently got a new tattoo on my forearm, of the word “Ohana” with an arrow through it, and feathers; the feathers have the Pansexual flag (pink, yellow, blue) in a watercolor around them. I am out at the grocery store, a few days after getting it, when a mother and her son stand next to me to get something from the shelves. The little boy sees my tattoo and turns to his mom.)

Little Boy: *whispering to his mother* “Mommy, what’s on that lady’s arm?”

Mother: “That’s a tattoo, like Daddy and I have. If you ask her, she might explain the tattoo, like others do.”

Little Boy: *to me* “What does your tattoo mean?”

Me: *surprised, since most parents try not to mention it* “Well, the word is from one of my favorite movies, from when I was little. The colors are for a flag I use.”

Little Boy: “What’s the flag?”

Me: “Well, you know how your mommy loves your daddy, and is married to him?”

Little Boy: “Yeah.”

Me: “In my case, I can love a boy or a girl, a boy that dresses as a girl or has the body of a girl, or a girl that dresses as a boy, or has the body of a boy. I care more about the heart than the gender of the person.”

Little Boy: *to his mother* “So, she’s like Auntie, and big brother?”

Mother: “Yep, she is. What do you say to her for telling you?”

Little Boy: *to me* “Thank you, and I think you’re really pretty!”

(I have high hopes for that little boy, and his mother, for both of them being so accepting.)

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