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Five Years Is Nowhere Near Long Enough

, , , , | Right | March 24, 2022

During the first lockdown here in the UK, way back in 2020, my store decided to restrict customers to three items of one product at a time. For example, you could have three boxes of eggs. It didn’t matter if it was a dozen or a half-dozen; you couldn’t have three half-dozen and then three dozen. We did this because of all the panic buying.

One man came up to the register with seven or eight of a product.

Me: “Sir, we currently have a three-item limit per product. It’s our new policy to prevent panic buying.”

Man: “What?! There is no panic buying! Let me buy my items!”

He kept ranting and refused to move on. In the end, security had to deal with him. The man coughed in our security guard’s face and ended up getting a five-year ban from our store.

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