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Five Finger Discount Versus The Eyeball Treatment

, , , | Right | January 13, 2022

I work at a store that’s primarily known for its underwear but also has an athletic wear line that’s popular right now. The manager, keyholder, and I are in the back of the store when we hear the familiar beep of a customer entering the store.

The keyholder and I both go to the front. I greet the woman and the two girls with her and ask if they need any help. They decline, but since they’re in our sportswear section, which people frequently steal from, I just kind of hang close and straighten up some stuff in a nearby area, occasionally glancing up at them. They’re muttering under their breaths about how the items are too expensive, clearly not noticing the discount signs plastered throughout the department.

Eventually, I head to the register area. At the same time, they head over to clearance. A couple of times, I again glance over in their direction, simply because they’re the only customers in the whole store.

Woman: “I hate when people watch you while you shop. I can’t shop when people are staring at me.”

She begins stalking off.

Woman: *To the keyholder* “I hate when people stare at me while I shop.”

Keyholder: “I wasn’t staring at you, ma’am.”

Woman: “Not you, the lady behind the counter.”

After they leave, I defend myself that I wasn’t staring at them.

Keyholder: “You don’t have to explain yourself. You’re fine. I know you weren’t staring at her. People like her are just looking for something to complain about.”

She went and told the manager what happened. We all laughed it off. Most of our customers want attention and/or to be helped, but apparently, this lady did not want any of that.

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