Fish Sticks Fell For The Bait

| Romantic | November 16, 2012

(My three-year-old daughter requested fish fingers for dinner. I relay the request to my husband from another room.)

Me: “Our daughter wants fish fingers for dinner; are there any in the freezer?”

(I don’t hear a response, so I walk into the kitchen to speak to him directly. He steps in front of me and starts kissing me.)

Me: “Um… I said, are there any fish fingers in the freezer?”

Husband: “Yes, of course. Why else would I be kissing you?”

Me: “Oh, right…”

Husband: “This is nothing to how hard I would have kissed you if there was ice cream.”

Me: “There is ice cream.”

Husband: “You really do walk into these things!” *more kisses*

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