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First Cybertron World Problems

| Friendly | August 22, 2014

(My neighbors’ children like to frequent my front porch, as I give them lemonade and talk to them like miniature adults. Add to that the fact that I’ve known most of them since their mothers were pregnant with them, and you’ve got sort of a friendly neighborhood big sister.)

Little Girl: “I can tell by your shirt that you love Transformers.”

(Anyone who knows me knows that I am a major fan. I will talk about Transformers until the cows come home. This time, though, I just nod and smile.)

Little Girl: “I don’t really like Transformers. I mean, you get in the car, lalalalala, everything is fine, and suddenly it turns into a robot!”

(She said this in a frustrated voice, as if speaking from personal experience.)

Little Boy: *in a sympathetic tone and a heavy sigh* “…yeah.”

(I was hard-pressed to keep from laughing.)

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