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First-Class Seats, Low-Class Attitude

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: alex_moreno794 | June 18, 2022

I was traveling with my kiddo from the states to my home country, which takes around eight hours with connections, so I booked first-class seats for both of us. However, due to the health crisis, in this airline, ours was the last group to be called to board.

When we boarded, it turned out a woman and her kid were in our seats. I politely told the woman so, but she ignored me. And as we were the last to board, I had to call the flight attendant and let her know that, because we were soon to take off.

She came and the woman just repeated in Spanish, “Lo siento; no entiendo,” over and over again — “I’m sorry; I don’t understand” in English. The flight attendant felt frustrated as she explained the situation to her in Spanish. It was obvious Spanish wasn’t her first language, and yet the woman pretended she didn’t understand.

But here comes the funny part. I am a Spanish speaker, so I grinned and told her in Spanish that she was in our seats and had to move to their seats. She then got red-faced and told me — all in Spanish, of course:

Woman: “I’m a single mother! You should respect your elders. You should go with your brother to the regular seats because I deserve to have the first-class ones!”

Me: *Also in Spanish* “You’re not my elder; I’m twenty-seven. And I don’t give a f*** about you being a single mother. You can pay for the tickets as I did; I’m a single parent, as well.”

The woman had the pleasure of having me as her translator, telling her and her child to go back to their seats or they would be escorted out of the plane.

In the end, she went back to their seats and told me in English how my kind have ruined the States. I just laughed at them and told her to enjoy their seats.

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