First Assumption: Eat Your Pets!

Romantic | December 28, 2015

(Due to anxiety problems, I really don’t like to speak if I don’t have to, and when I do I’m extremely quiet. So, I taught my boyfriend some very basic sign language, words like “food” or “sleep,” so I can get my point across without talking if I need to. He’s fine with this and is usually good at understanding what I mean from one or two signs, except this time…)

Me: *signs “food” and “cat”*

Boyfriend: “Food? You’re hungry?”

(I shake my head and this time point to the cat who happens to be laying beside me, and sign “food” again while pointing to the cat.)

Boyfriend: *confused* “You… want to eat the cat?”

Me: *laughing*

Boyfriend: “But you did ‘food’ and that means you’re hungry… and you pointed to the cat…”

Me: *still laughing* “No! You need to feed the cat!”

Boyfriend: “…Oh.”

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