Fired Enquired The Hired

| Working | November 28, 2013

(It is my first day, and I’m in the back office. The door has a security code that only employees know. A female I assume works there enters using the code and stares at me for a while.)

Female: “Hey. Who. Are. You?”

Me: “I just got hired.”

Female: *stare* “Where’s… [Coworker’s Name]?”

Me: “She’s at lunch.”

(She stares at me for a long time, not saying anything. It’s beyond spooky. Then, abruptly, she leaves. A few minutes later, my coworker comes in.)

Coworker: “Hey.”

Me: “Hey, someone was looking for you.”

Coworker: “Oh really, who?”

Me: “She didn’t say. She had a really spooky, deadpan stare, and just asked where you were and I said at lunch. Then she stared some more and left.”

Coworker: “Who was it?! Are you lying?!”

(I described the way she looked and my coworker still looked dumbfounded. It turned out the spooky female used to work there but was fired a long time ago, yet still had the code!)

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