Fire Not Works

| Right | July 6, 2017

(It’s nearing Halloween and the gas station I work at is selling an assortment of fireworks. A customer comes in to purchase gas when he notices them behind the till. In particular he sees our various kinds of sound shells.)

Customer: “Hey are those hummer-oos? How much are they?”

Me: “The packs are $2.99 plus tax.”

Customer: “Oh, awesome. I’ll take three packs, then. They weren’t even that cheap when I was a kid.”

(The customer looks around mid-thirties so that’s unlikely. I ring the customer through for his gas and fireworks, and he starts towards the front door. Just as he reaches the door he turns back around.)

Customer:” Can I set these off right out here?” *he points out the door and right near our gas pumps*

Me: *horrified* “No!”

Customer: “Oh, okay.” *he then pumps his gas and leaves without a word*

(I’m sorry, but in what world could you set off fireworks at a gas station?!)

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