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Fire Him Once, Shame On You…

| Learning | August 31, 2013

(I am in fourth grade. The class has a substitute teacher. He seems normal, until I return from a trip to the bathroom to find him yelling.)

Substitute Teacher: “SIT DOWN!”

(I quickly return to my seat.)

Substitute Teacher: “As I was saying: you’re all idiots! You’re so stupid! You’re all going to work at dead-end jobs when you grow up! F*** you all!”

Classmate: “You can’t say that!”

Substitute Teacher: “Shut up, you little s***! You’re just a fat-a**!”

(Amazingly, the class basically returns to normal after that point, but we all go home and tell our parents what happened. The substitute is promptly fired. We move on to the middle school, where he is still employed. One day, I walk into sixth grade Spanish and there he is. Coincidentally, many of my same classmates are in the class.)

Classmate #2: “Oh, no… not him again.”

(A few minutes later…)

Substitute Teacher: “F*** you all!”

(He is fired after that episode too.)

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