Fire Drill Needs To Incorporate Evil Twins

, , , , | Learning | October 4, 2017

During my freshman year writing class, we have a fire drill. We probably couldn’t even tell you the name of our classmates or our professor, so we try to just find who we have been sitting next to and gather as a group. Trained from earliest school days, we form a group around our professor. Our professor gives us strange looks, and seems distracted. He doesn’t try to look to see who is there or whether he has the same number of students he left the building with. He actually seems to be trying to avoid us. We notice at the end of the fire drill that we are missing a quarter of our class, but don’t think too much about it, figuring we’ll find them in the end, or that they’ve used it as an excuse to leave class early.

Suddenly, we see another man, who looks very similar to the one we are gathered around, walking up to our group. Following him is the rest of our class. It’s our professor! He is very annoyed with us for not being with the rest of the class, until he looks at the man we’ve been standing next to. Except for the fact that they are wearing different clothes, the two could be brothers!

It turns out that the man who wasn’t our professor was there to interview for another position, and got caught in the building when the fire alarm went off. We still have no idea why he didn’t say anything when he saw twenty or more teenagers following him as a group, but we had a good laugh over it when we were let back in the building.

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