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I’m Finnish, and I’m visiting London on vacation. While browsing in a store that sells tabletop RPGs and board games, I hear voices approaching the entrance. Once they step in, I can hear two men speaking to each other in Finnish.

Younger Man: “And this store sells, like, board games and role-playing games and stuff.”

Older Man: “Hm. I bet they’re all in English, though. That sucks. It’s so stupid how everything over here is in English.”

After only a minute or two, they walk out without buying anything, all the while complaining about how nothing in the store is in Finnish. Chuckling, I step up to the counter to purchase something.

Me: “Heh. I just have to mention this — I’m Finnish and so were those men. I could understand everything they said. They were complaining about everything in the store being in English.”

The clerk looks a little puzzled.

Clerk: “Uh… I guess there’s no pleasing everyone?”

Me: “See, that’s just what we Finns do. We complain about stuff. My friend and I were just talking about this last night… and then we realized we were complaining about Finns complaining.”

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