Finished Minesweeper With Honors

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(My Aunt is in her early eighties and thinks that computers are only for playing games on. This story takes place a month after I graduated from an online college with an associate’s degree in accounting. I earned the degree while my active duty military husband and I were in Korea.)

Me: “Look what I earned, Aunt [Her Name]!” *as I pull my degree off of my living room wall*

Aunt: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s my college degree. I earned it online while [Husband] and I were in Korea!”

Aunt: “You can’t go to college on the computer! That thing is just for playing solitaire!”

Me: *as I pull up the online campus* “Yes, you can go to college on the computer.”

Aunt: “No, you are lying! You just had the Koreans print that piece of paper while you were over there to make yourself feel better! You didn’t graduate from college!”

(I gave up after she said that. The truth is that I lost a full scholarship to college eleven years before and my life ended up in the ditch for a few years. After escaping an abusive marriage and a stint as a truck driver, I met my second husband who gifted me his GI Bill and going to college online was my only option. She really hurt me when she said those things about my degree! I’m now pursuing a BA in Transportation and Logistics Management and she now asks me if I “go to college on the television”!)

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