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Finished In The Blink Of An Eye

| Working | December 31, 2013

(I have just had an eye exam. I am entering the store section to pick out a pair of new frames.)

Employee: “Do you have any preferences?”

Me: “Only that I want springs in the earpieces.”

Employee: “Okay. Let’s start with these.”

(The employee picks out five different frames and lays them down in front of me. I pick up the first pair and slide them on.)

Me: “These are nice. I’ll take these.”

Employee: “Wait. You can’t do that!”

Me: “Do what?”

Employee: “You can’t take the first pair you try on!”

Me: “Why not?”

Employee: “I don’t know! It’s never happened to me before!”

Me: “Well, now it has. I like these.”

(As I’m walking out of the store chuckling, I hear the employee make a remark to another employee.)

Employee: “Easiest customer EVER!”

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