Finds Her Lack Of Success Disturbing

| Related | October 1, 2013

(My son is talking to me about one of his Lego ‘Star Wars’ sets.)

Son: “I want to try to build it with you later this week. It’s a model of the escape pod that C3PO and R2D2 use to escape to Tatooine in episode four, and comes with a little Lego C3PO and R2D2!”

(Being a seven year old, he’s not very good at keeping all of his Lego pieces organized. There are little bitty Lego pieces all over my house. So it comes as no surprise that he loses a few pieces after playing for a while.)

Son: “I’m missing the two figurines from the set!”

Me: “They’re probably somewhere around the house; we’ll just have to look for them.”

(My wife chimes in, addressing our son.)

Wife: “I think I saw R2D2 under your bed.”

(My wife goes upstairs to get it, and sets it on the table next to our son’s breakfast plate. My son sits down at the table, picks up the figurine, and looks at it, speaking very matter-of-factly.)

Son: “Mom, this is not the droid I’m looking for.”

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