Finding This One Will Take A Christmas Miracle  

, , , | Right | December 23, 2020

I work in the biggest cinema in Sweden. We have a LOT of customers every day and especially weekends. A colleague calls for me to check on something a customer forgot, so I go talk to the customer to get a clearer picture of what he lost.

Customer: “I lost a Christmas present.”

Me: “Okay, do you know where you lost it?”

Customer: “Here.”

Me: “Here in the lounge?”

Customer: *Shrugging* “In the cinema.”

Me: “In the auditorium?”

Customer: “I guess.”

Me: “When?”

Customer: “Before the movie.”

We have about 50 to 60 movies every day.

Me: “What movie?”

Customer: “That children’s movie.”

Most movies on a Saturday before 4:00 or 5:00 pm are children’s movies.

Me: “What time? And do you remember the name?”

Customer: “Around five, I think. No, I don’t.”

He says that, even though he JUST saw the movie today.

Me: “Okay…” *Giving up a bit* “What did the present look like?”

Customer: “A box.”

Me: “Any brand? Colour?”

Customer: “I dunno… About this big.” *Shows with his hands*

I totally gave up and I went to grab the first Christmas box that I could find. Thankfully, that was the right one, and it clearly had a brand and a colour — and not even close to the size the customer showed me. This conversation could have been over In less than a minute but he just couldn’t answer the questions properly.

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