Finding Something To Complain About Before The Transaction

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(I work as a cashier in a business that caters to select people who have to present a card to shop here. We have to check the card before we start scanning. Also of note, I am the only white cashier at the store. A customer walks up, unloads the cart, and motions for me to start scanning.)

Me: “May I see your card?”

Customer: “I have it; go ahead and start.”

Me: “I have to see it before I start scanning, sir. Store policy.”

Customer: “What, you think I’m lying? None of the others do this.”

Me: “New store policy, sir. I have to check the card before I start scanning.”

(The customer shakes his head, shows me the card, and starts talking on his phone in Spanish, complaining and cursing about the white girl.)

Me: “Thank you, sir.”

(I finish the transaction.)

Customer: “None of the other cashiers do this to me. The second I see you not card a white person, I’m going to go off on you. This never happens to me.”

Me: “Sorry, sir. New store policy. I check the cards of everyone before I start scanning. Thank you and have a nice day.”

(He’ll never come through my line again, hopefully.)

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