Finding An Outlet For Their Anger

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(I met my boyfriend at the outlet store where we used to work. As I am manning the register and he is straightening a nearby display of coats when I hear this exchange.)

Customer: *shouting* “This coat is from [Major National Bulk Retailer]! Oh, my God, you stole this!”

Boyfriend: *very confused* “What?”

Customer: “This coat is [Major National Bulk Retailer] brand! I know! I shop there all the time! You stole this!”

Boyfriend: *flatly* “No, we didn’t.”

Customer: “So, that’s how you get your products?! You just sneak them off of better store’s trucks?!”

Boyfriend: “No, [Outlet Store] buys the excess stock that they can’t sell from several different retailers and resells it at a lower cost.”

Customer: “You’re lying! I know you stole this! I’m going over there and telling them right now!”

Boyfriend: “Okay. Go ahead. I don’t think you understand how outlet stores work.”

(The customer marched to my register, slammed her shopping basket onto my belt, and stormed out the front door angrily, never to be heard from again.)

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