Find Their Calling Young In Life

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(My husband calls his mother over the hands-free system while we’re driving, which mystifies our two-year-old daughter.)

Daughter: “Hear Nanna! Hear Nanna!”

Me: “Yes, we can hear Nanna on the phone over the speakers!”

(The next day, we have to call Nanna again, but there’s an issue with the connection, so my husband has to repeat the voice command. Our daughter reacts in the same way. After the call is over:)

Daughter: “Hear Nanna! Hear Nanna!”

Me: *figuring out what she wants* “Oh, no, it only works for Daddy’s voice.”

Daughter: “Hear Nanna! Hear Nanna!” *pauses* “CAALL MAAAM!”

(We could not contain the shock or laughter. We know she’s a total parrot, but she never ceases to amaze us with how much she absorbs.)

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