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Finally Had The Balls To Say It

| Friendly | January 28, 2014

(My roommate is pretty rigidly Republican, but tends to get snippy if anybody says anything bad about the candidates. My girlfriend doesn’t like to affiliate with either party, but holds very strong views on equality and the like. There’s a news report involving several influential, albeit older, Republican males on TV while the three of us are preparing dinner and they’re saying some pretty offensive things about women.)

Girlfriend: “Somebody ought to confiscate their testicles.”

Me: *trying not to laugh, and glancing at my roommate* “Hon, don’t say that.”

Roommate: “No, don’t shush her! I want to hear what the little lady has to say.”

Girlfriend: “If you want to hear what I have to say so you can try and argue with me about equality I really don’t want to hear it because as far as I’m concerned there is no valid argument against it. Absolutely zero valid arguments for inequality, unless a person is completely irrational and uneducated. Which you are not.”

Roommate: *grinning* “So… about this testicle confiscation.”

Girlfriend: “What?! It’s not like they’re using them!”

(We all started laughing and had a fairly civil conversation on the subject after that. It turned out that despite being super Republican, my roommate wasn’t a fan of his party’s ideas about women and he’d just been afraid to say so because of his family for years!)

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