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Finally Clocked What They’re Looking For

, , , | Right | November 24, 2021

Caller: “I’m looking for a clock. I was told it has to be an NP1.”

I’m clueless as to what NP1 means in regards to clocks.

Me: “Is that a brand? What does that refer to?”

Caller: “I actually have no idea; it’s just what they told me. I was looking at all the different clocks on your website, and I found [part number]. Is that NP1?”

I pull up the part number and it’s a sealant. I figure I must have misheard him.

Me: “I’m sorry. Can you repeat the part number for me?”

He repeats the same part number and I repeat the number back.

Me: “It’s coming up as a sealant for me.”

Caller: “Yes, a sealant. Like the kind you would in a clock gun.”

Caulk. The guy was looking for caulk.

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