Filter The People Who Have No Filter

| Friendly | January 22, 2017

(I discover that when someone on a popular social media site sends you a message and you aren’t “friends”, it gets sent to their spam/filtered requests. When I hear this, I decide to check it out, and am surprised to find a message from a girl I went to high school with. It’s a little weird since while we were never antagonistic with each other, she was very much the popular girl, and I kept to myself with the other nerd girls. The message is over a year old, and the follow-ups she sent are… well…)

Girl: “Hey, [My Name]! I don’t know if you remember me, but we were in [Teacher]’s homeroom together in seventh grade. I was just idly searching around online and I saw you and figured I would see how you’re doing! Looks like you’re in [City] now? Wow, what’s that like?”

Girl: *one day later, and, again, I never saw this message because it was filtered* “So, what, you’re too good to talk to me now? Figures. You were stuck up in high school, too. Guess you don’t want to be friends. Whatever. BYE.”

Girl: *one week later* “You know, I tracked down [Girl I honestly don’t remember or recall meeting at all], and she said she wasn’t surprised. You’ve always been ‘too good’ for other people. Just sad you haven’t changed.”

Girl: *one week later* “The guy you married isn’t even hot. Did you know [Guy I dated briefly for like two weeks and split up with amicably like fifteen years ago] is on [Site]?” *links to profile* “You really f***ed up letting that one go. Check out how hot he is now. I should send him a message. Doubt he’d be surprised to hear how frigid you still are.”

Girl: *TWO MONTHS later* “It’s just sad is all. I hope you get over yourself someday. Then maybe you can get some friends and a real job.”

(Needless to say, while I initially felt bad about missing her message, the more I read on, the more convinced I became that I dodged a bullet not connecting with her again.)

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