Filling Up The Dome With Lies

| Friendly | January 5, 2017

(In high school there is a table my friends and I will always sit at in the mornings before the first bell. There is one “friend” in particular, known for lying, who generally refuses to leave any of us alone, so we just tolerate him. This is just after ‘Under The Dome’ comes out, and I’m pulling this door stopper of a book out of my backpack to continue reading it when:)

Friend: “That’s a good book.”

Me: “I think so. What do you think of the ending?”

Friend: “I don’t remember.”

Me: *suspicious now, as this book clocks in at 1000 pages* “I’m pretty sure if you’d read it you’d remember.”

Friend: “Give me a break. My grandma read it to me when I was five!”

Me: “It came out three months ago…”

(Dates aside, what grandmother would read a five year old a Stephen King book?)

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