Filipinos Have Twenty Different Words For Snow

| Learning | February 16, 2015

(A new girl just started today. She’s from the Philippines; I’m white British. She’s seated next to me. A classmate comes over.)

Classmate: *to me* “Are you the new girl?”

(I’ve been at this high school for three years at this point, and in this class for several months.)

Classmate: “I hear you come from the Philippines. Where is that?”

Me: “It’s up north, near Sweden.”

Classmate: “Wow! It must be really cold up there! Is it really different living in the UK?”

Me: “Yep. I used to use huskies and a sled to travel everywhere, but now I just have to use the bus.”

Classmate: “I wish we used sleds.”

(The new girl is laughing, but my classmate is oblivious. I’m trying to figure out how far I can push it.)

Me: “We lived in igloos, too, not these weird brick houses. And we had fresh ice cream every day. You just scooped it off the ground after every snowfall.”

Classmate: “Why the hell did you move here instead?”

Me: “Global warming. After our back garden fell into the ocean, we knew it was time to go.”

Classmate: “D***. I always thought it was hot there. That’s why the cheese is so wet.”

Me: “The… cheese?”

Classmate: “It’s got the same name; it comes from there, right?”

Me: *catching on* “You mean Philadelphia cheese?”

Classmate: “Yeah.”

(The new girl and I completely lost it, and he walked off looking confused. She and I became friends after that, and it didn’t end up being the last time we played that trick on someone!)

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