A Figurine Of Odd Behavior

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(One lazy summer night I am working returns. I am still pretty new. Earlier in the day there was a group of teenagers that were acting suspiciously, and after they left my manager noticed at least two $20+ figurines missing. No one told me about the figurines, and at around seven or eight in the evening, a teenager comes in to return something.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Teenager: “I’d like to return these figurines.”

Me: “Anything wrong with them?”

Teenager: “No. I just don’t like them.”

Me: “Okay. Do you have the receipt?”

Teenager: “No. I lost it.”

Me: “Okay, well, I need an ID without a receipt.”

Teenager: “I don’t have one. Will a school ID work?”

Me: “One second.”

(I call my manager to ask, but the moment I mentioned the figurines, she immediately comes over. Marching up to the counter, she grabs the figurines.)

Manager: *to the boy* “You want to return these? Do you have the receipt?”

Teenager: “No. Lost it.”

Manager: “You ‘lost it.’ Funny. We ‘lost’ a couple of figurines just like this earlier to a group of teenagers. Were you there?”

Teenager: “Uh… They said you wouldn’t recognize me.”

Manager: “Uh-huh. I thought so. I’m taking these figurines and I’m going to report you to security. I need your ID.”

Teenager: “I’m only fourteen; I don’t have an ID.”

Manager: “Only fourteen?! You aren’t even old enough to return these! What are the names of your parents and their phone numbers?!”

(He proceeds to tell her all the information she asks for, and then gives her his name and his school ID to prove it. My manager walks off to call security, and the boy turns to me.)

Teenager: “Can I leave now?”

Me: “Um, no?”

Teenager: “They’re going to leave without me. I’ve got to go. Bye.”

(He walked out the door, never to come back. He apparently told the truth and gave us all correct information. He may have been a thief, but he was a very cooperative one!)

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