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Fighting The War Against Ignorance

| Learning | November 12, 2014

(We are in history class, having just finished learning about the lead-up to the civil war.)

Teacher: “…and then tomorrow we will begin the war.”

(He realizes how that sentence sounds, and, in typical fashion, runs with it.)

Teacher: “Yeah! War starts tomorrow. Bring your musket! [Student #1], you have your musket? [Student #2]! Do you have a musket?”

Student #2: “Uh…”

Teacher: “Do you have some type of weapon?”

Student #2: *who is on the fencing team* “I have a sword…”

Teacher: “A sword is good!”

Me: “I can steal my sister’s lacrosse stick…”

Teacher: “Sounds good! Anything that’ll inflict pain on the enemy!”

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