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Fighting Over Wisdom Tooth And Nail

| Working | November 29, 2013

(I get a call from the hospital to confirm my appointment.)

Nurse: “Hi, I’m calling for Baby [My Last Name].”

Me: “Erm, that’s my last name, but I’m 20 years old.”

Nurse: “Well, can I speak to Baby [My Full Name].”

Me: “Ok, that’s me. I guess I’m listed as ‘Baby’ because I was born in your hospital.”

Nurse: “No, I’m certain I need to speak to a baby. Can you please find him for me?”

Me: “I’m pretty sure I know what you’re calling about. Is it an appointment to have two wisdom teeth removed?”

Nurse: “Yes, it is. Can you pass the message to Baby [My Full Name]?”

Me: “Let me just confirm you have in hand the medical record of baby [My Full Name] including his date of birth and the note that he is having two wisdom teeth removed. Do you think that the title might be wrong?”

Nurse: “Oh… right that does make sense. Should I update your title?”

Me: “Yes, please!”

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