Fighting Fire With Fire

| | Right | January 21, 2008

(Customer walks up and beings speaking in Spanish.)

Me: “Umm, I don’t speak Spanish.”

Customer: “Oh, ah…” *continues speaking Spanish*

Me: “I don’t understand.”

Customer: *speaks Spanish*

Me, in Swedish: “Jag pratar inte Spanska sa jag!”

*customer runs away*

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  • Trillium

    That’s racist. Everyone deserves the right to speak the language they feel most comfortable with. You can’t just tell people to speak YOUR preferred language.

    • Cathrope

      You’re an idiot.

      • Trillium

        Seeing as all my “this is bigoted” comments are just imitations (not even sarcastic or exaggerated) of what real people who misunderstand bigotry say, I’m glad that is your reaction. That’s the whole point.

        • Cathrope

          So, your saying I should learn another language even though the language of my country and the closest country to me speaks English? If that’s your thought process, your still an idiot.

          • Trillium

            Did you even read my comment?

          • Cathrope

            Yes. If that’s not what you were aiming for, I’m sorry.

          • Trillium

            Okay, if I were not clear, I’m imitating things people say (and say absolutely seriously), and I avoid exagerration or sounding sarcastic, just to cause oversaturation of their idiotic vision of what constitutes bigotry. Because the topic is touchy the only way to expose idiocy of some peoples’ vision is to oversaturate that point of view to absurdity, since any actual rebuke will be perceived as racism/sexism/whateverism.

            So if you think what I said in the original comment is idiocy, then I’m doing good work and its working as intended. There are people who sincerely believe things like what I’m spewing in such comments.