Fighter Jets Versus Entitled Customers

, , , , | Right | November 2, 2020

I work at a locally-owned sports bar. It’s early spring, and it’s just warm enough for patrons to sit comfortably outside on the patio. On this particular day, the Naval Air Station that is about a mile away is doing touch-and-go rehearsals with F/A-18 Hornet jet fighters.

A group of six customers comes in, and they want to sit on the patio. 

Me: “Are you sure? The Air Force has been doing turn and burns all morning.”

Group: “We’re sure.”

I seat them on the patio, give them menus, and take their drink order. When I leave to get the drinks, two jets fly low overhead. They’re low enough that their engines set off every car alarm in the parking lot.

I bring the drinks back and get one person’s order before the jets are back.

Customer #1: “It’s really loud out here.”

Me: “Would you like—” *Interrupted by jet* “Would you like to sit inside?”

Customer #1: “No, it’s really nice out—” *Interrupted by a second jet* “It’s really nice outside.”

It takes me almost fifteen minutes to get their order because of the jets. After I drop off the food:

Me: “Can I get you anything else?”

Customer #2: “Some earplugs?”

They complained to the manager that I did not adequately warn them that fighter jets would be flying so low and so loud.

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