Fight (And Focus) On

| Learning | May 5, 2013

(As part of my work study, I work in a first grade inclusion classroom. One day, I’m wearing a University of Southern California sweatshirt when a young student approaches me. Note: he’s very bright, but has severe ADHD. He sees my sweatshirt and his eyes widen.)

Student: “Trojans? Is that a condom shirt?!”

Me: “No-no, it’s… the mascot is the soldiers from the Trojan War.”

Student: “A condom war?!”

Me: “Not quite. It was the Greeks and the people of Troy and&mdash how about I bring you the story tomorrow? It’s not time to talk right now and we’ll get in trouble.”

(Needless to say, I found a child-friendly story on the Trojan War for my precocious first grader. Now, bringing him extra tidbits of knowledge, from Spanish vocabulary words to how Vincent VanGogh died, is a major incentive to keep him focused!)

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