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Fifty-Two Oscar Nominations Say Otherwise

, , , | Right | January 2, 2021

I’m working in a CD and DVD store. As in a lot of places, it’s unfortunately common for customers to march over and just bark the name of the movie or artist they’re looking for without any further information. We also place and hold orders for customers. On this occasion, a man comes up to the counter.

Customer: “John Williams.”

Me: “As in the composer?”

He looks shocked and a little affronted.

Customer: “No! That’s my name! I’m John Williams! I’m here to collect my order!”

Me: “Oh!”

I turn around to find his order and hand it over to him.

Me: “Sorry. I assumed you meant that you were looking for a soundtrack composed by John Williams or something.”

Customer: “Why would I want something like that?!