Fifty Reasons It Will Get Better

, , , , | Hopeless | July 28, 2017

My husband has sadly passed away suddenly, leaving me and our daughter on our own. I tell her speech therapist so I can cancel an appointment and she comes over to check on me.

During this time, she suggests that as his unemployment check has come in, to go and draw it out, and see what to do about his loan. I go into the bank, crying, worried about our future and missing my husband. Apparently someone overheard me and the bank people talking. When I come out of the office after talking about the loan and what I can do and they can do, I’m stopped and given an envelope.

When I open it, I find fifty dollars from an anonymous person. I broke down crying. Whoever you are, thank you. Along with whatever was in the bank, that fifty will help me and my daughter survive on basic needs until I’m able to make other arrangements.

I don’t know who you are, but you took that much stress from me during an extremely difficult time in our lives. Thanks so, so much!

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