Fifteen Minutes Before It All Goes To H***

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(I work at a steakhouse as a host. It’s a Sunday and we didn’t anticipate being too busy, so we are down two servers. Of course, this means we go on a very small wait because we get busier than expected. The quoted wait time is fifteen minutes, but thankfully, tables are getting up faster than we thought, so in reality, the fifteen-minute wait time is maybe seven minutes for most tables on the waitlist. There are only three people on the list when this particular woman comes up.)

Me: “Hi! How many do you have today?”

Customer: “Three.”

Me: “Okay, can I have a name? It’s about a fifteen-minute wait right now as we are getting some tables clean at the moment.”

Customer: *suddenly irate* “Fifteen minutes?!”

(She rolls her eyes rather dramatically. I stiffen up, as we’ve had waits of two hours before and people take it or leave it without being rude. Fifteen minutes is nothing. She gives me her name, scoffing the entire time. A lady comes up behind her, waiting to speak with me.)

Me: “All right, here’s your pager. I’ll page you when a table is ready.”

(She takes the pager and again makes a very dramatic show that she is displeased with waiting at all. The lady behind her makes eye contact with me, then makes a face kind of like “What’s that smell?” at the lady. It’s clear she’s making fun of her. I chuckle.)

Me: “Hi, how many?”

New Customer: “Four.”

Me: “Okay, the wait is just about fifteen minutes. Is that okay?”

New Customer: *speaking up and attempting to make eye contact with the first woman* “Fifteen minutes is a very reasonable amount of time to wait. I don’t mind at all. I’m not sure why anyone would!”

(That lady was amazing. I thanked her and she gave me the nicest smile. She ended up finding an open booth in our bar, which is first-come-first-serve, so she didn’t have to wait more than thirty seconds. She made sure to say that she had found the booth very loudly. The first woman was livid.)


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