Field (Trip) Of Dreams

, , , | Learning | June 7, 2016

(I work in an urban elementary school. Several families in the school are homeless, or come from difficult circumstances. It’s that time of year for field trips. One of the sweetest, quietest little girls has not been able to attend earlier field trips because of financial difficulties, so I tell her mom she can come free of charge. But then this happens:)

Parent #2: “I wanted to know if I could sponsor any kids who couldn’t afford to go on the field trip.”

Me: “Really? I’ll talk to some people and let you know if there is anyone.”

(She ended up paying for all four field trips for this little girl. I made sure to let the mother know, and she wrote a wonderful letter to the family to thank them for their generosity. Every day when she picks up her daughter she has a huge smile, calls me beautiful, and thanks me for what I did.)

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