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Ferreting Out The Correct Information

| Working | June 19, 2014

(I have to make an emergency vet appointment for my ferret, and as I don’t drive I am waiting for my mother to pick me up to take me there. As I’m waiting, I get a call from work.)

Manager #1: “Hi, [My Name]. I just had someone call in sick. Would you be able to cover for them today?”

Me: “Sorry, no; I have to take my ferret to the vet.”

Manager #1: “All right. Thanks anyway.”

(She hangs up. The rest is related to me when I come in a couple days later.)

Manager #1: “[My Name] can’t come in. She said she had to take her parents to the vet.”

Manager #2: “… You mean her ferret?”

Manager #1: “You know, that would make a lot more sense.”

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