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FeMinnie Mouse

, , | Friendly | December 20, 2017

(For a school trip the school band and color guard are at Disneyland, I’m with my friend at one of the stores. I’m very fond of the Duffy I bought when I was younger, which is advertised as Mickey Mouse’s teddy bear. The company started advertising a Shelly-May, advertised as Minnie Mouse’s teddy bear. I tell my friend about this and I’m not very happy.)

Me: “They started making a female Duffy! I think it’s just the same but pink and with eyelashes! Why do they need to make a teddy bear all girly for it to be for girls? Ugh.”

(We turn the corner and the new Shelly-May is on display. The teddy bear is very beautiful and adorable, not at all like I had described it. I immediately fall in love with it.)

Me: *picks up bear* “I need to have this.”

Friend: “All that feminism just went down the drain in five seconds.”

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