Femi-non Knowledge

| MI, USA | Friendly | June 8, 2015

(Lately, I’ve been lamenting how the recent Poise commercials missed their opportunity to encourage the donation of feminine napkins to homeless women. This ensues when I think out loud.)

Me: “I can’t stand those Poise commercials they have now.”

Friend #1: “Why?”

Friend #2: “What’s Poise?”

Friend #3: “You know; those feminine napkins?”

Friend #2: “A napkin commercial?”

Me: “Sort of.”

Friend #2: “But feminine napkins? How are they different from regular napkins?”

Me: “Umm…”

Friend #2: “Do I need masculine napkins?”

Friend #1: “Do you bleed once a month?”

Friend #2: “No.”

Me: “If a guy bleeds out of his exclusive parts every month then he should really see a doctor.”

Friend #2: “I don’t bleed.”

Me: “Hmm… would you recognize the term ‘period pads.'”

Friend #2: “You mean condoms?”

Friend #3: “No.”

Me: “We need to reform sex ed. Now.”

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