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| Friendly | October 15, 2015

(All the people in this story are female:)

Me: “Nothing makes me happy quite like cooking for my boyfriend and seeing him smile after a long day at work.”

Friend: “Aww! You’re such a sweetie!”

Me: “If you weren’t so far away I’d tell you to come eat with us! I know you love steak and potatoes!”

Friend: “Mmm, yum! Curse me living over an hour away! Then again, I’d probably try to make it anyway if my lunch break at work was two hours! Lol!”

Friend’s Friend: “Nice way to take a backward step for feminism.”

Me: “What do you mean by ‘a step backward for feminism’?”

Friend: “I am confused, too. All she said was that she cooked for her boyfriend and that I would have been welcome, too.”

Friend’s Friend: “You’re cooking for him because, to him, that’s your place as a woman. It goes back to that saying ‘women belong in the kitchen.'”

Me: “Except that I cooked for him because he’s tired from work. If he wasn’t exhausted he would have helped me, like he always does because I’m teaching him how to cook. So much for your theory that he thinks I belong in the kitchen because I’m a woman.”

Friend: “Also, pretty sure that ‘feminism’ means women can do what they want. If [My Name] wants to cook for her boyfriend, she has the right to do it because it’s what she WANTS TO DO.”

Friend’s Friend: “She just thinks she wants to because he wants her to think that. Classic case of being brainwashed by the patriarchy.”

Me: “O-kay crazy lady! I am definitely blocking you from my page.”

Friend: “Ditto!”

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