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Felt Cheated By The Grade

| Learning | February 12, 2014

(I am in sixth grade. The student next to me has been copying my quizzes, and I am really getting tired of it. The teacher gives us a quiz right before class ends, and all of the questions are true/false. I give wrong answers to all of them, on purpose. I also ‘accidentally’ take the quiz out of the classroom with me when the bell rings, quickly change my T’s to F’s and my F’s to T’s, and return to the teacher to submit my quiz and apologize for my ‘mistake.’ The next day, the graded quizzes are returned.)

Cheater: “I don’t get it! How did I get an ‘F?’ What did you get?”

Me: *shrugs*

(The cheater rips my quiz out of my hand and reads the grade.)

Cheater: “That’s not possible! I can’t get an ‘F’ if you get an ‘A!'” *to the teacher* “I should have gotten what she got! Why did you give her an ‘A?'”

Teacher: “Because she apparently studied and answered all the questions correctly.”

Cheater: “But I should have gotten an ‘A,’ too! I cheated off her!”

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