Fellowship Of The Code

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(At my job, we handle hundreds of thousands of customers per day, across five different programs that barely talk to each other. It’s long been considered one of the low points of the job. Although I work at home, I’m the office “girl Friday” who can fluently work across all five programs, so when one team in my department needs help, I’m usually the first asked to move teams. Within the last month, the company has announced a new program that supposedly consolidates all five, reducing the back-and-forth we all have to deal with. As it starts next week, I text my husband about it on my break.)

Me: “I have OT on Tuesday for the training before it rolls out.”

Husband: “Sad face.”

Me: “It rolls out next month. Hopefully it lives up to the ‘All in One’ thing they’ve been telling us.”

Husband: “The one program to rule them all?”

Me: “That is the hope.”

Husband: “Three programs were given to the trainees, their eyes full of hope, seven to the second tier, in their offices of white. And nine programs were thrown upon the work-from-homers, doomed to multitask.”

(I was laughing so hard I was late getting back from my break. I love that man!)

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